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Thank you for visiting the Online4Hindi blog, and especially for taking the time to look over the sites about page. Perhaps you’re interested in learning more about the Online4Hindi blog and the individual who runs it. So, my name is Mahadeb Bagui, and I’m the author of this site.

When we considered starting a new blog, we discovered that all technology-related information is available in English. As a result, our students have a lot of difficulties understanding them properly. That is why we wanted to take action in order to alleviate the problem. We decided to start a Hindi Tech Blog because we both come from a technical background. As a result, Online4Hindi was created.

About Us

On this website, we cover everything that is going on in the world of technology that they should be aware of in today’s world. On our website, we primarily write articles about current events, technology, product reviews, full forms, dictionaries, and guides, among other topics.

Man Behind Online4Hindi

I’m Mahadeb Bagui, a 26-year-old young entrepreneur from the city of West Bengal with a B.Com degree. I’m a site designer, computer instructor, Google webmaster, and SEO optimizer by trade. I am well-versed in Google AdSense and have a keen interest in blogging. You’ll discover a wealth of resources and lessons focused on the Internet, Blogging, SEO introductions here to assist you in taking your website to the next level.

I am also a die-hard technology enthusiast. As a result, I occasionally like writing about technology-related Articles. I’m hoping that this blog would assist me in sharing my thoughts and views. Through this blog, I will do my best to provide genuine, essential, and useful information.


If you have any Query, You can visit our Contact Us Page.

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